Harbor Beach Residence

A living environment should envelope the senses, inspire creativity, invite relaxation and invoke dreams of past and future.

For over a decade, Vision Design Group has worked with builders and architects in South Florida to help homeowners realize their dreams.

Under the direction of interior designer and visual artist Maria Cerro, our interiors come to life with designs that are both timeless and original.

By seamlessly merging inspired designs with your unique lifestyle, we create a personalized environment that’s simply breathtaking, without sacrificing comfort and function.

At Vision Design Group we’re passionate about design and focussed on creative solutions for your unique parameters. We’re known for our impeccable attention to detail, creating a harmonious environment, and surpassing our clients’ expectations. It’s not only the exquisite materials and finishes we use, or the personal touches like original artwork, custom fabrications, and site specific installations. It’s understanding your needs and aligning our efforts so your home speaks of you.  It’s our goal to elevate each space to a true work of art, and build lasting relationships along the way.