For a decade, Vision Design Group has been changing the way South Florida lives. Creating a lifestyle is what we do best…

By seamlessly merging our interiors with the surrounding environment

we create synergy.

we believe a space should envelope the senses, inspire creativity, invite relaxation
and invoke dreams of past and future.

Our designs are both classic and cutting edge.

Under the direction of interior designer and visual artist Maria Cerro, our interiors come to life with a combination of exquisite materials and finishes, and a refined sense of space, balance and visual intrigue.

At Vision Design Group we always consider the way people actually live and move through a space, emphasizing function and comfort within an environment that is simply breathtaking

We create one-of-a-kind designs with impeccable detail; featuring original artwork, custom fabrications, handcrafted elements and site specific installations that elevate each space to a true work of art.