Original Artwork

Elevate your space with one of a kind original works from Maria Cerro’s collection, or customize something especially for you. With an eye for high art, we also source incredible unique works from emerging and established artists both locally and abroad.

Harmony with the environment…

At Vision Design Group we take our cues directly from nature.

We allow our designs to flow seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

This is evident in the thoughtful way we use space, light, color, form, and texture.

Beyond aesthetics, we understand that our inspiration must be protected, which is why we believe in using eco-friendly materials and processes whenever possible.

Recycled materials, repurposed goods, low VOC paints and finishes, environmentally responsible materials and manufacturing are just a few ways that we can do our part.

A beautiful space that brings the outdoors in is a phenomenal way to inspire appreciation of the natural environment.



Sometimes the perfect piece is just waiting to be discovered, or rediscovered as in this lovely find: An aged storage chest from Brazil lovingly coaxed back to life by the hands of skilled artisans.

The intricacies of its beautifully worn surface tell a story… perhaps of a journey out at sea.

This treasure continues the conversation in its current beachfront home. It speaks to the surrounding elements of sand and ocean, adding a sense of history and harmony to the tranquil living space.

Living Room

Thoughtful design helps us reconnect with our sense of past, present and future.